Why is Car Wrecking an Important Business?

Posted on 25th, Feb 21

If you think that your old car is going to the grave once it is removed from your garage, it is not true. Your vehicle’s journey does not end there. Car Wreckers finds a lot of use from every single part of your scrap car.

Who are Car Wreckers?

We are the people who dismantle used, scrap or broken vehicles, and recover the usable part to later sell it to spare parts dealers. We sell the metal parts like chassis, bumpers etc that cannot be repaired to scrap metal companies.

Each of the parts of your Unwanted  Cars is of great value to us. The parts we handle are

Wheels and Tyres

Even if the vehicle is damaged, the tyres might be new. People who cannot afford a new tyre will find the second hand useful. If the tyre is completely damaged or worn out it can again be made use of by recycling.

Engine and Transmission

Who knows that your engine is still usable and so is your transmission system. The Car Wreckers sell them to used car auto parts dealers or sent them away for restoration.

After every useful material has been removed from your car, the car is crushed flat or into a cube and sold to a steel mine for the purpose of recycling.

Catalytic Converters

Catalytic converters are costly if you are buying a new one. They are exhaust emission control devices helping reduce pollution from a car’s exhaust fumes.


Battery from a scrapped car will still be good to reuse.

Vehicle Fluids

Draining away dangerous fluids like engine coolant, engine oil, fuel, refrigerant etc needs experience and technical know-how. My Car Wreckers have been doing this with utmost perfection for a long time now.

About us- My Car Wreckers, Melbourne


We are Melbourne’s premium Car Removal Company. Some of the many reasons that people here in Melbourne has chosen us are

  • We are a trusted wrecking team.
  • We pay honest prices for quality used auto parts.
  • We sell only rigorously tested and inspected auto parts.
  • We generate fast and high paying cash for car service.

Our team at My Car Wreckers are people who are compassionate about nature. So we have established eco-friendly ways to dispose of your vehicle or find auto parts. We make sure that at every single step of wrecking, we make sure that the environment is safe as we do not want to contribute a bad environment footprint.

My Car wreckers are a great boon to people who cannot afford to buy new parts for their cars. Our affordable used car part service means that car owners have the option to take repairs into their own hands without having to order the manufacture of new parts. They claim that they do not have any surprises or hidden costs.

We have over 15 years of experience in the field of Car Wrecking andour fully licensed car removal experts are the industries finest.

In short, My Car Wreckers run an important business because we not only free your garage space but also save nature by recycling your vehicle in an eco-friendly manner.

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