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Melbourne’s World Class Car Disposal, Van and Truck Recycling

With reputable Melbourne Auto Wreckers like My Car Wreckers, finding Used Car Parts is as easy a simple phone call (or a quick online form). But when it comes to other vehicles like Vans & Trucks, it can be harder to find the high-quality parts you’re looking for. Fortunately, My Car Wreckers holds a vast inventory of high-quality Used Auto Parts for a wide range of vehicles which include Vans and Trucks too! With Melbourne’s largest collection of Quality Used Auto Parts, you can’t go wrong when you choose My Car Wreckers Melbourne.

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Our Truck & Van Recycling Service Gets Melbourne Residents the Quality Auto Parts They Need

Our trusted Vehicle Wrecking service means that Melbourne residents can find authentic Used Auto Parts at affordable prices with a guarantee of quality.

We offer a wide range Auto Parts for Trucks, Vans & Other Vehicles including:

  • Tyres
  • Rims
  • Bumpers
  • Steering Wheel
  • Engine Parts
  • Interior Parts
  • Wind Screen Wipers
  • Exhaust Parts
  • Battery
  • Startup Motor
  • Dashboard Parts
  • And Much More!

We Provide an Environmentally Sound Car, Van and Truck Recycling Service

Many Australians are passionate about leading more environmentally friendly lives, but one of the biggest contributors to pollution that is often overlooked is the half a million or more end-of-life cars that are taken off the road each year. Many of these and other vehicles simply end up in the landfill. Thanks to eco-friendly Vehicle Wreckers like My Car Wreckers Melbourne, you can dispose of your vehicle or find Used Auto Parts in an eco-friendly way.

Our Vehicle Recycling Facility dismantles, recycles and repurposes auto parts and materials which not only is great for the environment but rewards you with an Instant Cash for Vehicles payment too by Online Bank Payment or Cheque. Through our Melbourne Van & Truck Recycling service, you can find the Auto Parts you need without needing to have them manufactured new.

Dispose of Your Car, Van or Truck with the Vehicle Removal Team Who Values Your Time

At My Car Wreckers Melbourne, we believe vehicle owners should be able to sell or get rid of their vehicle as quickly as possible without sacrificing a highly agreeable payment. As such, we’ve created Melbourne’s most efficient Vehicle Removal service which can be provided at any time – whether it be next week, tomorrow or as soon as possible.

Ways we make our Cash for Vehicles process faster than the rest include:

  • Lightning-Fast Vehicle Removals
  • Instant Quotes
  • Free Paperwork
  • We Pay Cash for Vehicles ‘As Is’ by Online Bank Payment or Cheque

Just give us a call today and our experienced professionals will be able to get the job done fast and right. If you want, you can also deliver your vehicle yourself – doing so may add an extra $50 or so to your Cash for Vehicles offer.

Contact My Car Wreckers Melbourne today at 0478 585 540 / 0410 726 726


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