Why Should You Sell Your Car to A Car Wrecking Company?

Posted on 26th, Aug 21

Are you planning to dump your old car somewhere without selling it to a Car Wrecking company? What will happen to the car if you do that? Will it cause any environmental impact?

A car or any other vehicle, that is not dismantled properly, will cause a long-lasting environmental impact. The vehicle will pollute the land where it is stored. Another fact is you won’t get any monetary benefit if you simply dump your car somewhere.

It is a fact that a large number of vehicles are abandoned across the world every day causing a lot of issues. The car wreckers come to your rescue at this juncture to effortlessly remove your car from your garage. You don’t have to dump your car somewhere if you depend on a car wrecking service. Your Car Wreckers can help you remove your vehicle and get a decent sum for the unused or old car.

Why Do Car Wreckers Buy Old Cars?

Sell Your Car to A Car Wrecking Company

What happens to your old car? Are these cars completely dismantled? The old cars sold by you will be taken to a dismantling unit by the wreckers. The wrecking team will remove every part of the car carefully. From the door handle to the engine will be removed and cleaned.

What is Car Wrecking? Why do we remove the car parts? The car parts are removed and shifted to the inventory. There is a huge requirement for used car parts. We remove the car parts from the old vehicles, test their usability and put it on sale.
We dismantle the car to remove the parts from scrap. The scrap will be treated in a systematic way to avoid environmental pollution. The metal parts and other parts which cannot be sold or for which there is no requirement goes to the scraps. The scraps go to the third-party buyers who recycle these parts. All reusable parts are sorted and stored for further sale.

Reusable Car Parts

Engines are the most important parts of a vehicle. An old car or an accident car may have a perfectly working engine that could be of use to other car owners. My Car Wreckers remove the engine from the old vehicle and sell the product to the buyer at an affordable price.

We also sell used car parts like wheels and tyres, catalytic converters, batteries etc. Wheels and tyres are in huge demand. These used tyres are affordable options for people who cannot afford to buy a new car. The catalytic converter is a part that helps to control pollution by regulating the fumes. This is a costly spare part, which cannot be afforded by many. So, we remove each and every part of the vehicle like the radiator, bumper, doors, fuel tank. AC compressor, AC condenser, mirrors, car seats, ignition switch, door handle, front panel etc. we remove the part from old vehicles to sell the product at an affordable rate.

My Car Wreckers Car Recycling Melbourne guarantees eco-friendly car disposal and affordable car parts. We sell auto parts only after quality tests.

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