Planning To Repair Your Car In A Cost-Effective Way

Posted on 25th, Feb 22

Is your vehicle at the workshop for repairs?

Are your thoughts all about the huge repair bill you will get at the end?

Now you can cost-effectively repair your vehicle. Would you like to know how?

The simplest and most cost-effective way of getting your car repaired is to use top-quality Used Car Parts. But even then you will have doubts about the quality of the parts that you buy.

Not to worry.

We offer you a solution.

We are My Car Wreckers, and we have top-quality Used Car Parts in Melbourne. Whatever your vehicle type or brand might be, chances are that we will have the part that you require.

Get top-quality used car parts in Melbourne


If you are looking for the best solution for used car parts, we are your single-stop solution. We are My Car Wreckers, and we have a wide stock of genuine and top-quality Used Car Auto Parts at affordable prices.

We sell the following auto parts:

      • Engine
      • Radiator
      • Battery
      • Bumpers
      • Front doors and Back doors
      • Fuel Tank
      • AC Compressor
      • AC Condensor
      • Side Mirrors
      • Car Seats
      • Fuse Box
      • Cables
      • Ignition Switch
      • Door Handle
      • Front Panel
      • Fan
      • Brake Booster
      • And more

Your vehicle could be of any brand, make, and model, it could be Toyota, Audi, or Ford, chances of us having your desired part will be high.

Used Car Auto Parts Melbourne

How we have the largest inventory of Used Car Parts in Melbourne


From our name you can understand the type of business we do.

We are a company that is focused on providing the people of Melbourne a way to dispose of their vehicles in an Eco-friendly way.

We are one of the leading Cash for Car companies in Melbourne, that by all types of vehicles.

When we buy a vehicle, our Car Wrecking team will take it apart and salvage all the parts that can be reused. These parts are rigorously checked by our team and made sure of quality.

You can buy our used car parts without fear, as we always make sure that the parts give your vehicle optimal performance.

What kind of vehicles do we buy?

We are unlike some other companies who buy selected brands and models. We don’t have any special preference towards any make or models of vehicles. We buy vehicles regardless of their make, model, brand, type, size, and condition. That means you as a car owner can get the best price for your car, even when other companies refuse to buy it. Some brands we often pay top dollar for include:

  • Toyota
  • Mitsubishi
  • Nissan
  • Ford
  • Holden
  • Mazda
  • Suzuki
  • Hyundai
  • Honda
  • Subaru
  • Kia
  • Audi

Our car buying process is fast, transparent, and hassle-free. We have expert appraisers who can provide the best quote over the phone or online. With just a phone call or email, you can get your vehicle disposed of.

So call us now at 0410 726 726 or email us at and top cash offers for your vehicle.


Get in touch with us today and let us find that auto part for you.