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Posted on 18th, Nov 21

Do you have an old car that requires parts?

It’s a common problem that all vehicle owners face. When your car needs a part or when you are required to change a part of your vehicle, you have 2 options. You can either buy a new part paying a huge bill, or you can choose the economical option of using a used car part. Either you can buy a new part paying a huge bill or you can choose the economical option of using a used car part.

Routine services of the vehicle are like doing a health check-up on a human body. You add or modify parts according to your needs. The Servicing of vehicles involves cleansing and replacing damaged and worn-out parts. When a car part gets damaged or worn out, it can either be replaced with a brand-new part or a Used Car Auto Part.

Both these options have their advantages and disadvantages. Here we at My Car Wreckers are trying to explain the advantages and disadvantages.

Quality Used Car Parts At The Most Cheapest Rates

Used Car parts VS New Parts

A new car part will give you the confidence that the part is genuine and it has the guarantee of the company. If the part develops any complaints there are options of warranty and replacement. But a branded new part is expensive and can burn a hole in your pocket. You might even have to wait to get the part delivered from the company to your service centre.

Pros of New Auto Parts

  • Easier to Choose
  • Assured Quality and Compatibility
  • Covered by a Warranty

Cons of New Car Parts

  • More Expensive
  • Limited Number of Sellers

A used car part is inexpensive when compared to a new part. Used Car Parts dealers usually put the used car part to rigorous tests before selling to a customer. But common parts like a bumper or a windshield can be bought with confidence as these are less prone to get damaged.

Pros of Used Car Parts

  • Inexpensive
  • Good Quality
  • Available in Great Variety
  • Short Waiting Time

Cons of Used Car Parts

  • Inconsistent Quality
  • Overwhelming Selection
  • Shorter Warranty, if at all

If you are opting for used car parts, we at My Car Wreckers can offer you the best solutions for your vehicle parts needs.

My Car Wreckers is one of the leading Cash for Car companies in Melbourne. We buy old and unwanted vehicles for their parts. We take apart each vehicle we buy and salvage the parts that are in good condition.

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