Why is “My Car Wreckers” Simply The Best Option For The Old Car Owners?

Posted on 28th, May 20

An old car is a burden that might cause you a lot of mental stress and troubles. It is all because of the hardships that a person has to face for getting a genuine old car dealer who can buy the old car for decent cash. If you are also one among the old car owners looking for an authentic old car dealer, then worry not as we are directing you towards “My Car Wreckers” in Melbourne. We are one of the leading car removal companies in Melbourne known for our client-oriented services such as instant quotation of the price offered for the junk car, instant payment of cash, free car removal services, paperwork assistance and so on.

Car Removal, Wrecking and Recycling

Car Wreckers Melbourne is a car removal, wrecking and recycling company that not only buys the old car but also wrecks and recycles in a most eco-friendly way. The company is equipped with an expert team of car removal professionals along with most advanced tools and technology required to process the car removal. The professionals wreck the junk car and dismantle it to extract car metal, car accessories, electronic equipment and other internal parts.

My car wreckers simply the best option for the old car owners

After wrecking the old car, the company recycles the parts, accessories and metal of the car to ensure the proper use of the resources and leave minimum wastage of used car to decompose to ensure minimum landfilling. The recycled metal of the old car is sold off in the industries where the recycled metal can be used to produce metallic items. On the other hand, the car parts, accessories and electronic devices in working condition or can be used after a repair are repaired and polished to sold off to the second-hand market dealing in auto-parts.

Apart from car recycling, “My Car Wreckers” also deals in removal, wrecking and recycling of other vehicles such as trucks and vans. The company is also known as one of the top Truck Recycling Melbourne and Van Recycling Melbourne. With effective and proficient services, the company has served countless clients and has offered them content and satisfactory vehicle removal services with a sense of responsible auto removal in an environmentally friendly way in Melbourne.

Being the government recognized Car Removal Company, My Car Wreckers take every step involved in car removal in the most responsible way and hold the accountability of serving the clients in a most hassle-free and comfortable way.

Instant Payment Of Cash and Eased-Out Paperwork Assistance

“My Car Wreckers” is like a boon for the old car owners who wish for fair cashback with instant payment in exchange for getting rid of their old car. To make the process of payment easy, the company hands over the sum assured to the client at the time of car removal only. Also, while carrying out the process of car removal, the professional staff members of the company help the clients for paperwork and provide them with the necessary documents to ease-out the car removal process.

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