How Fast Can You Get Your Vehicle Sold

Posted on 28th, Sep 22

There was a time when selling vehicles took weeks, if not months.

Vehicle owners have to visit various auctions or place advertisements in the media to get the attraction of potential buyers.

They even had to repair the vehicle to make it more appealing and even has to pay for the towing services. But that has all changed with time.

With the rise of Cash for Car companies selling vehicles has been a simple and instant process.

Now, all it takes is a phone call. You can get your vehicle sold in less than a day.

Yes! We do just that.

We are My Car Wreckers, and we buy old and damaged vehicles regardless of their make, model, size, shape and condition.

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What are the services we offer?

When a vehicle owner is selling his vehicle, the first criterion is the cash offer. Cash for Car companies usually pays a fair price for vehicles. But if you are looking for the best rates, then it is us who are your perfect choice.

We have years of experienced and has the technical knowledge of finding the best value for even the scrappiest of vehicle.

Once we have reached an agreement on the price, next comes the services.

We offer many services to make the sale easier and more convenient.

Some of our main services are free Car Removals and Car Recycling. We also take care of your paperwork. It is not easy to get the required documents and contracts ready at the time of the sale.

But we have taken it open ourselves to prepare these documents and contracts when we come to collect your vehicle.

We know that the last thing you want to do is spend weeks or even months of aggravation trying to sell your unwanted car. As car owners ourselves we understand the importance of selling a vehicle at the right time for the right price.

That’s why we offer “same day” car removals, which take just 30 minutes to accomplish.

We’ll not only take your car without any fuss, but we’ll also give you cash right away with our incredibly appealing Instant Cash for Cars offer.

Whether your vehicle is on a road, an off-road, a home property, or a business site, our skilled car removal experts and our cutting-edge tow vehicles can easily collect it.

You can “skip the line” and receive prices for your unwanted car at My Car Wreckers. We offer “Instant Quotes” over the phone or online so prospective buyers don’t have to waste their time looking at your car.

You can get an automobile appraisal from the convenience of wherever you are at the time of phoning us because our quotations are free and without commitment.

Call My Car Wreckers at 0478 585 540 or 0410 726 726 to know the true value of your vehicle. We are sure to beat any existing offer you might have got from any of our competitors.


Get in touch with us today and let us find that auto part for you.