How To Get Quick Cash Out Of Your Junk Car

Posted on 27th, Jun 22

Old and damaged vehicles have become one of the most troubling issues these days. More and more vehicles and their parts are dumped in landfills at an alarming rate. Even though we all are well aware of its consequences and after-effects on our ecosystem, we find dumping in landfills as an easy solution and continue to do so.

It’s time to rethink and start disposing of vehicles in an eco-friendly way.
That is where the role of Car Wreckers comes in.

The old, damaged, and trash car that has become an eyesore on your property will be removed freely by Car Wreckers. Additionally, regardless of the brand and model, you can sell it for a good sum of money.

Cash For Car in Melbourne

Why do Car Wreckers buy old and damaged vehicles?

People always wonder why Car Wreckers buy old and damaged vehicles when there is no big demand for these vehicles in the market.

The reason is quite simple.

Every vehicle regardless of its brand and make, has tons of metal and other useful electrical and electronic parts that can be reused and recycled.

Vehicle manufacturers usually buy the metals salvaged from old and damaged vehicles. The parts are usually repaired and sold to direct customers or to dealers who specialise in Used Car Parts.

Get top value for your old vehicles in an instant

For vehicle owners disposing of or selling old, damaged or unwanted vehicles is always a hassle. A vehicle owner should invest time, effort, and energy to get it sold. They might even have to spend a huge amount on repairs to make the old vehicle more appealing to interested customers.

But now you can sell your vehicle in its “as it is” condition, with just a phone call.

We are such a company that deals in old and damaged vehicles.
We are My Car Wreckers, one of the leading Cash For Car companies in Melbourne.

We specialise in buying old, damaged, unwanted vehicles.

Let your vehicle be a car or a truck or anything in between, let it be of any make, model and brand, and you can be sure we will buy it.

Brand, make, model, size, shape and condition of vehicles have never stopped us from buying them. We have expert appraisers in our firm who will find the best value for your unwanted vehicles.

All you need to do is contact us over the phone or online, and provide the necessary details. Our appraisers will offer you an instant quote based on the details you have provided.

We don’t compel you to sell your vehicle to us just because we offer you a free quote. You are free to check with our competing companies and make sure you are satisfied with our quote.

Once the quote is approved, we will come to collect your vehicle. You can schedule a time, date, and location from where your vehicle is to be collected, and we will be there on time with a tow truck suitable for your vehicle size. We will bring the contracts/documents ready to be signed when we come to collect your vehicle.

We always make sure our service is prompt and professional.
So call us now at 0410 726 726 and get top offers for your unwanted vehicles in an instant.


Get in touch with us today and let us find that auto part for you.