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Posted on 29th, Jul 20

Scrap cars aren’t the sought-after vehicle among the car lovers and in the car industry. Old cars are considered just like junk that has no relevance in any way. However, Australia is a country where you can find numerous renowned car removal companies dealing with car removal, car wrecking, and Car Recycling. These companies not only buy the car but value it fairly.

The main reason behind the fair evaluating of the car worth is the car recycling process. Car Disposal Melbourne wrecks the car and dismantles it into pieces to recycle all the metal used in making the car’s body and also takes out each part and equipment of the car and sorts out which are in working condition and which have become useless.

The car’s internal parts and accessories that can be used again are repaired and sold off further to the customers needing second-hand Car auto parts in Melbourne. Similarly, the recycled metal is also sold off in the industries where it is required. Hence the Car Recycling Melbourne not only recycles the old car to the maximum but also makes a considerable profit out of it. Here lies the reason for providing decent cash for cars.



How to hire the services of Cash for Scrap Cars in Melbourne?

In this Avant-garde time, online is the primary way of contacting a company. The first step to getting in touch with us is by visiting our website or by contacting us on our helpdesk number. We ask for all the details about your car on the phone itself and do not require visiting the site of the old car to inspect it.

We expect our clients to give a thorough brief about the car and disclose the exact condition to assist us in evaluating its worth and preparing an appropriate quotation. The detailed information required about the junk car includes the make and model of the car, the odometer reading( number of kilometres it has run), age of the old car, registration status, size, volume, documents, condition (whether it is in working condition or not), etc.

After knowing the car’s condition and providing the quotation, if you approve the offer, you can hire our Car Removals services and book us for your Cash For Scrap Car Service. We remove the car and do all other activities, keeping in mind your convenience and comfort. We ask you to schedule a suitable day and visit the location on the day and time prescribed by you only.

At the time of Car Removals, you have to show us the necessary documents, including your identity proof, car ownership documents, car registration paper, etc. to confirm the car’s legality and ownership.

Finally, after these formalities, our trained and professional team, with the help of our latest and advanced tools and machinery, tow away your old car in any condition without creating any kind of disarray at the site of car removal. We remove your car within an hour and hands over the instant cash at the time of car removal only.

For more details, contact My Car Wreckers at 0410 726 726.


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